Pimple Scars Treatment

Pimple Scars and Their Treatment

Pimple Scars Treatment e1314366159650 Pimple Scars TreatmentPimple scars are usually caused by a severe acne, however, chicken pox is a good candidate for causing pimple scars.  Pimple scars can be in the form of waves, pits, or spots.

There are some precautions you can take to prevent pimple scars.  Excessive scratching or popping pimples should be avoided.  You should also avoid things that can cause pimples, like pollutants and stress.  These are both known to cause pimples.  The use of make-up is also a pimple causing agent.  Always wash off makeup before going to bed.  The makeup can clog the pores creating pimples.

Treatment for pimple scars usually relies on the severity of the condition.  The easiest pimple scar to treat is the spots.  Spots generally fade away on their own.  Some severe cases of spot scars, as well as, wavy and pitted pimple scars may need other treatment.

Laser treatment has been shown effective in treating spot, wavy, and pitted pimple scars. A CO2 or carbon dioxide laser has shown good results for pimple scars.  It destroys a thin layer of skin allowing new growth to begin.  There are other types of laser treatment but carbon dioxide laser is the strongest and can penetrate deeper layers of skin.  This procedure can be used to treat other types of scars also with good results.

Dermabrasion treatment is also good for treating pimple scars.  This treatment consist of using a wire brush to abrasively tear off the top layers of skin.  This procedure will promote new cell growth allowing the healing process to begin.  This has shown good results not only in treating pimple scars but other types of scars as well.

Dermaplaning is often used with dermabrasion treatment and when combined have an improved result.  Dermaplaning is when a shaver type hand held device is used to plane off the top layers of skin to promote new cell growth.  Both of these procedures are known to promote smoother skin and  lighter pimple scars.

Chemical peels are another way of lightening scars and provides smoother skin.  In chemical peel treatment the scar tissue is eaten away by applying an acidic substance to the scar tissue allowing new healing to begin.  There are several acidic chemicals used for this treatment such as, phenols, alpha hydroxy acids, and trichloracetic acids.  Depending on the severity of the scar determines the amount of chemical that’s needed for the application.  It usually takes a few of these treatments to achieve a satisfactory result in severe cases of pimple scars.

These procedures are performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  Some of the mentioned procedures require sedation or the use of local and general anesthesia.  As in any form of treatment it is always best to talk with a healthcare professional.  Your primary care doctor can refer you to a specialist if necessary to care for your scars.

It is important to remember as with any surgical procedure there are risks.  Talk with a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or your primary care doctor to discuss the best treatment options for your specific needs.