Minimizing Scars

Fade Away the Scar

Minimizing Scars1 e1314370375520 Minimizing ScarsIt’s no secret that scars are usually permanent marks left in the skin.  And although time can make them less noticeable, there are things a person can do to lighten their scars.  The size of a scar depends on one’s own healing.  Age, pigmentation, and location of the wound play a part in how much scarring one will have.  The size and depth of the wound also help determine how much scarring there may be.

Scars usually heal on their own.  As time passes they have a tendency to shrink and lighten on their own.  There are a few things one can do to help in this process.

Keeping the wound clean and protected can not only speed the healing process, it can help provide a smaller and less noticeable scar.  It can be beneficial is keeping the wound covered so it avoids getting infected.  Covering the wound also keeps the area moist which is needed for proper healing.


Hydroquinone is especially useful if you have a darker skin pigmentation.  Hydroquinone is a cream that’s used to bleach the skin.  It stops the skin from making melanin, reducing pigment cells.  This cream cannot be purchased over-the-counter, it need to be prescribed.  Over time the cream will reduce the color of your scar.

Sun screen

Sun screen is important because the sun’s rays can be harmful to the natural healing process.  It can also cause discoloration in scars.  If you don’t apply a dressing or wear clothing to cover the scarred area you should apply Sun screen in you are going to be outdoors.  The longer you are exposed to the sun will determine how often to apply the Sun screen.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work great for shallow scars, especially if they are pink in color.  A chemical peel is done by a dermatologist.  A chemical solution is used to remove the top layer of skin leaving the scar smoother and less noticeable.  It is may be necessary to have more than one of these treatments to achieve desired results.  It will depend of the color and type of scar.

These are just some of the treatments available for fading scars.  As with any treatment, it is best you speak with a healthcare professional about your scar to see what treatment would best benefit you.

Scars most likely will not totally disappear even with treatment.  Another thing you may try is to apply skin toned make up or concealer to the scar.  These can hide scars while you are waiting for them to fade.  These products, although mainly used on the face, can be used anywhere on the body.  Treating scars can help them become less noticeable.  Treatments can vary for each individual.  Results from these treatments can also vary for each individual.  You should use caution when using any scar fading treatment.  Make sure you follow directions and check any cautions there may be for these treatments.  And as always, before starting any treatment you should talk with your doctor.  Your doctor can help guide you for the best treatment to benefit you.